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When you want to conduct a survey analysis and compare the results for one or more variables with the results of another, there’s only one solution: cross-tabulation. Cross-tabulation is one of the most useful analytical tools and a mainstay of the market research industry. Cross-tabulation analysis, also known as contingency table analysis, is most often used to analyze categorical (nominal measurement scale) data. With them, you can examine relationships within the data that might not be readily apparent when only looking at total survey responses.

Over all Population
Provincial to Tehsil Level Data Presentation.
Cross Tab
Urban Population Crosstab for urban target market.
Cross Tab
Rural population crosstab for rural target market.
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Data Presentation and Cross-tabulation analysis

Our ERP is a highly effective software platform for statistical analysis. It presents a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive range of capabilities that enable your organization to swiftly derive valuable insights from your data. With advanced statistical procedures, it guarantees accurate results and facilitates informed decision-making. This platform encompasses every aspect of the analytics process, including data preparation, management, analysis, and reporting.

  • Easy to use:

    Prepare and analyze data through an intuitive user interface without having to write code using selection.

  • Integrated with open source: Enhance ERP syntax with PHP and Laravel using a library of extensions.

  • Comprehensive:

    Run descriptive statistics and regression analyses, view patterns of missing data and summarize variable distributions with an integrated interface.

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How to use Row or Column regression analysis to predict the value of a variable based on the value of another variable and estimates the probability of an event occurring, based on a dataset of independent variables.


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