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We renovate your enterprise data from one format to another in less time and with greater accuracy. We store, search, and retrieve digital versions of all your documents.

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Sourcing Outfit’s Data Conversion Services

As part of Sourcing Outfit wide range of data conversion services, we offer:

HTML Conversion Services

Our team is prepared to convert your existing content into HTML files which can be easily used to dispense the content and reach your customers faster.

Electronic Document

EDM can help you convert & store paper-based information into electronic format for easy reclamation through a web browser. Also, we can aid security execution, remote access & reduce filing costs.


We perform PSD to HTML conversion of web content so you needn’t hire additional members to your team for handling HTML conversions. As part of our approach, we carefully break down the image into elements to convert the data into the latest HTML codes.

PDF Conversion Services

Sourcing Outfit highly secure industry-standard PDF conversion services. PDF is one of the most widely shared electronic file formats and Sourcing Outfit offers it at the most cost-effective prices.

Book Conversion Services

Through our book conversion services, we convert printed books, web-based articles, paper-based data & manuscripts to electronic formats such as a e-books, e-research papers, e-zines, e-broachers and e-journals.

XBRL Conversion Services

Our XBRL services will enable computer -based tag readers to detect items of data so large data bits like numbers and stats can be transmitted via databases and sites

HTML to Responsive

We offer HTML to responsive conversion services where we convert HTML & CSS into a responsive design to automatically shrink, resize, hide, & enlarge web content so it renders seamlessly to browser layouts.

Sketch to HTML

The easiest way to splurge money on a small project is to hire FTE and paying their benefits. However, the fastest way to stay efficient and still have resources to handle priority tasks it outsources Sketch to HTML conversion services. This brings you closer to professionals who are qualifies to handle Sketch to HTML conversion using the best technology.

PDF Accessibility Services

When a file is not accessible, we remedy or remove the inaccessible elements and rework the file to make sure it opens. Our professionals also ensure that images, text, figures, and every element in the PDF are readable.

Document Digitizing

Sourcing outfit offers cost effective and highly accurate document digitization services where we can convert large volume of date into digital formats.

XML Conversion Services

With XML being a widespread format used to display and store date on the internet, Sourcing Outfit team has the required skills to convert most present web publishing formats to XML.

Spreadsheet Conversion

Sourcing Outfit can help convert important information using our optical character recognition services and present it in a more readable format.

Word Formatting Services

To leave that long-lasting impression proper formatting of documents is essential. Sourcing Outfit offers high quality word formatting services using various customized styles and designs which make documents look appealing.

Spreadsheet Conversion

Apart from basic data entry, the data entry professionals at Outsource2india can provide additional services for data conversion, data processing, data extraction, data mining, data

HTML to WordPress

To build a responsive website that is ready to adopt the latest changes and designed to evolve, you can count on us. We convert the HTML codes to WordPress format, ensuring that there are zero bugs. We use the conversion tool to accurately convert the HTML document.

Zeplin to HTML

Are you looking for Zeplin to HTML conversion services to make your website more responsive so that it is accessible, irrespective of what device your audience uses? Outsource Zeplin to HTML conversion services to Sourcing Outfit to get accurate & Google-friendly markups, clean & responsive codes at rates starting at a pocket-friendly prices.


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Additional Services:

With Sourcing Outfit wide range of data conversion services like JATS XML Conversion, clients can also get access to our editorial staff, which provides manual data entry, proofreading, and editing services to ensure the accuracy of data entered. Sourcing Outfit printed data conversion services have an accuracy rate of 99.9%.